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How to protect stainless steel rope net in use

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1. The stainless steel rope net with clasp shall be provided with special storage rack, which shall be made of wood or painted carbon steel support or padded with rubber pad to isolate it from other metal materials such as carbon steel. During storage, the storage location should be convenient for lifting and should be relatively isolated from the storage area of other materials. Protective measures should be taken to avoid the pollution of dust, oil and rust on stainless steel.

2. When hoisting stainless steel rope net, special lifting tools, such as hoisting belt and special chuck, shall be used. Sharp and rough hoisting equipment shall not be used to avoid scratching the surface. Moreover, the scratch caused by impact and collision shall be avoided during hoisting and placing.

3. When transporting stainless steel rope net, transport tools (such as car, battery car, etc.) should be used, and should be clean with isolation protection measures to prevent dust, oil, rust pollution of stainless steel. It is strictly forbidden to drag and tear.


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